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Hi! I’m Michele from!

I am thrilled you stopped by my little corner of blogland.

In case you we haven’t met before, here’s the short version of who I am!

I am Michele Speno, 66 year old Retired Teacher, a stand by your side friend, an amazing aunt, a savvy older sister, a fun- loving acquaintance, a book loving, a research loving,  and a vodka and wine drinking friend!

My goal here as a new gregarious blogger is to add value to your possibly hurried, domestic, everyday life. I will present to you  a few valuable  tools,  over the top products, ideas, tips and tricks on one of the most sought after the Anti Aging Skin Care Lines in the beauty arena today. Sho-Your-Glo is my blog dedicated to all things Skin Care, and Things I Love and Green Wellness.

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I am from upstate NY near Syracuse,NY. I was born on February 26 and I am the middle child.   That explains a lot already!

My life began in the family business that was owned and operated by my hard working parents, my deceased brother my sister and myself. Growing up in this business (not my fave for sure) did instill some lifelong work ethics and many, many  more memories.

Today, I still hear my dad make comment about “working for yourself, and being your own boss.”  Back then, I thought he was crazy! I saw how hard he worked just to keep his family in a job. The love for the business was in my dads veins. As for me, Not so much!


In 1993, I knew that was not how I wanted to live the rest of my life so I left the business to pursue a love that haunted me forever. I returned to school to obtain my Masters Degree in Reading Education. Talk about a reboot in life!


After long hours of travel (back then) and shuffling around 2 full time jobs, oh and an internship, I finally finished school. Thank You God I lived!

I began my teaching career in 1995, got engaged and got married! Whirlwind!


Not long after, my mom got sick which took about every last ounce of any strength I had left in me. Six months later I lost my brother. Huge Shock!  Now the dynamics of the business was totally jeopardized.


The business (67 years) was sold and my dad was never the same after the 2 passings of mom and my brother. He spent his time in Florida and enjoyed what little time he had there. Four years later, he became ill and soon passed.



  My retirement has made me focus on life and what truly matters to me. I prioritize the importance of people who are “Your people” whether it be family or friends. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to have both!


I now spend my days sharing another one of my LOVES, and that is Skin Care. I have always believed and was taught very early on, that taking care of your skin is a must. The importance of good skin care and aging gracefully became a huge, all consuming issue for me.


Damn it, I was going to age well if it was the last thing I did.


Loving This…

In my spare time, I still constantly research what is trending in the skin care world. If it’s something I am going to put on my face, it best have research and clinicals behind it.


Over the years, you can not imagine the money spent trying and experimenting and hoping to see the results I had hoped for. It by far, was never a waste but a learning and realization of what I did NOT like or want.

I do not have awards or Recognition plaques for accomplishments. What I do have  is great common sense to know a great product when I see and use it. I whole heartedly believe in before’s and after’s and clinical trials and “science”. Trust Me on this! I can and will prove this and more!



Here I am bogging because I totally enjoy writing and spending time sharing what I’ve learned about skin  and skin care products that do what they promise. Let me help you however I can, gain back lost confidence in yourself.  We all know that when you look good you feel good!  Fact! I am here for you, ask away!



So, come along with me as I share my products, research, images, and anything else you want and need, to help you feel the beautiful person you are!


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Thanks So Much..


God Bless




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