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Does This Help You To Relax?

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Self Care Is The Quickest Way to Destress After a Chaotic Day!  Do you Agree?

A Definite Mood Changer! Music sends me Far away!

Studies show that listening to music can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in your everyday life!   This is something I do everyday,  makes me happy!




Your Closet! Declutter to me is the Best Feeling !

Having too much “STUFF” is added stress without a doubt! It really restricts your energy and can hold you back emotionally!  Just start!  Give things to charities helping those less fortunate!  And My fave is storage bins !  I love to label eveything,,(the teacher in me)!  So STOP SUFFOCATING YOURSELF!  It’s an Ahhhhh moment!



Slim Cycle for moderate exercise
SLIM CYCLE— Yup Everyday!

Did someone say EXERCISE?  Not Me!!  Oh man, I just bought this about a month ago.  Debated and debated, —made the small purchase!  Yup, much to my surprise it came out the box just as expained!  I immediately paniced!  I thought No Way will I do  this everyday!  Hopped on and pedaled for a half hour tirelessly!  Amazingly, I  enjoyed my first attempt!  It’s quiet, easy, comfortable, go at your own pace ( tension pulls and pedals) ,, believe it or not,, I truly liked it!   With arthritis lurking inside my body, I wanted something light that would just keep me moving.  I think I found it,,, everyday 30 minutes!   Not crazy about sweating,, hate sweating in my HAIR!  But I do get added energy throughout the day! And the Best part,, I do rest better at night !  





I’m not sure where I would be without religion in my life!  I fear to think!  As far back as I can remember, from Grade 1 to Grade 12, religion has been huge part of my life. It drives me to do “good”  be a good person and instills beliefs of morality to my everyday life!  I’m not here to preach religion, but to simply express the inner tranquility and hopefulness that move me closer to my divine being, Regardless, of your inner peace and to whom you  praise ,, just know that being “in the moment”   with your creator is as emotional as it gets!  Many studies have shown, that when we feel a sense of connection with something greater than oneself, whether it involves communion with God, nature or humanity–a certain part of the brain appears to activate! 




Daily Bath-Many Health Benefits

OK, just looking at her relax in that tub gives me a positive , healthy feeling!  This , and I’m NOT going lie,, is my “Go-To”  all the time!  There is nothing better than knowing a hot bath is good for you and satisfying!  What’s so great about getting the tub, you ask?  Well, it is a real mood elevator, it helps you sleep better,,( Oh yes for sure)  it can help relieve muscle pain,, it can make your heart healthy,,( lowers blood pressure)  baths can help relieve Cold and Flu symptoms, (great for stuffy nose)  and today with all the healthy  organic oils, bathing, is a true pleasure! Generally, I never get in bed with out my bath!   Obsessed!


Sometimes You Just Got To Step Away From Chaos

Can You Say NO?

It took me a long time to realize nothing will ever be Perfect! So learn to be ok with it! My retirement ha made me realize I don’t need to add extra stress anymore! I’ve learned to focus on what Does matter… family, happiness,  my decisions and MY sanity!  I refuse to put myself under pressure just to make others happy!  I’m not saying,, ditch your normal routines,,(Lord knows,  my routine makes me feel like I’m still teaching). But I feel it’s important to keep things on track too!

Practicing Self Care during stressful times is essential for our health…DON’T NEGLECT YOURSELF!



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Michele xo











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