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Not Your Typical Wellness Company, Who Are We?



Clean Home       Clean World      Clean Conscience


From the beginning, it was destined to be different. Probably because it was certain to put people first. People before profit, people before anything else! The company’s Mission?

“Enhancing lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals”.

Since 1985, this company has developed natural, high- quality health and wellness products for families around the world. We compete in the consumer goods industry against major manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and Johnson & Johnson. This company manufactures a wide variety of household products, including multivitamins and nutritionals, personal care, cosmetics and environmentally friendly home cleaning products.



We are also one of the top 75 e-commerce companies in the country, much like Amazon, or L.L. Bean, we ship our products directly to the end user, most of whom interact with us directly.

We have chosen a different channel for getting our products into our customers’ cupboards and pantries than many of our competitors in the consumer goods industry. Instead of relying on mass-market channels like Walmart or Sam’s Club through stores or retail outlets, we’ve elected to market our products through word -of-mouth advertising and to share our revenues with customers who refer other customers.

This allows us the opportunity to produce much higher quality products at a much lower price than if we marketed through traditional mass market channels.


What This Company Is NOT        

  •  No Multi levels of distribution                                                                      
  • Reselling of any product is forbidden                                                                       
  • Compensations are not based on sales
  • Does not fall within legal definition of a MLM
  • No select pricing for those at/ in higher levels
  • No inflated pricing
  • No quantities of inventory
  • No networking of distributors
  • FTC state law definitions of a MLM does not apply here
  • No billing or collection or deliveries
  • No pressuring customers to make a purchase

Clean Home, Clean World, Clean ConscienceLook Better-Feel Better-Live Better

Enhancing Lives

The companies model is simple! The CEO didn’t like the traditional model of using a middleman and retail stores to sell the product, so their theory became a simple way for customers  to earn commissions just by referring others to purchase products directly. This is what has kept costs low and create a unique way for the average family to earn additional income in their spare time. 

They soon discovered that the demand for natural products was much greater than predicted. This led to the discovery that many other natural ingredients  were highly effective in treating or preventing various health problems.

The company soon partnered with scientists from The University of Iowa and began to patent their own technology of products. Because of these partnerships, the company’s popularity exploded, becoming one of  fastest- growing companies in North America with more than $2 Billion in annual sales worldwide.

Toxin Free Environment
Wellness For ALL ages

As human beings, we all have several facets to our lives. To truly have a happy, healthy, and productive life, we need to be healthy in all aspects.We should strive not only for physical health, but be healthy financially socially, and intellectually, and spiritually as well. This company can impact your life in all areas. We would like you to take a look inside yourself to determine what values you hold near and dear and then live true to whatever those values are. This company is an advocate for people to be truly well in all aspects of their life!


At A Glance

Can We Talk Scarey Stuff         

National Brand household Cleaner
20 Year Study on Lung Damage From National Cleaners

FINDINGS and The CULPRITS      (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine-Feb.16, 2018)

**Cleaning your home with National Brand cleaners made with dangerous chemicals, such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectant compounds  and others significantly damage lung tissue in women.  These findings are alarming!



These are alarming facts!  Using National Brand Cleaners as little as once per week is as damaging to lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes   everyday for 20 years. 


                                                  Using national cleaners as little as once per week damages women’s lungs far more than men’s.



                                                           Using national brand cleaning products at home is just as dangerous as being an occupati.



                                                          National brand liquid cleaner are just as dangerous for your lungs as spray cleaners.



Dangerous chemicals----ammonia, clorineNational brand cleaners use dangerous chemicals like ammonia, chlorine bleach, and quaternary disinfectant ( quats-2 step processs of cleaning and then disinfecting( compounds as well as many others-which appear to be the primary culprit.


women and asthma                                 Women who use national brand cleaning products as little as once per week have increased rates of asthma.              



Lung issues increase over time

                                         The lung damage done by using dangerous chemicals  cleaning products get increasingly worse over time.

The sobering truth, is that cleaning your home with national brand cleansers can significantly damage lung tissue. Nearly all the national brand cleaning products you buy at the grocery store are made with a multitude of harmful chemicals. The study confirms what this company has known for decades; toxic chemicals in national brand cleaning products  pose danger!  Questions?  I have the study!


Who Is This Wellness Company?


Do you want to live a longer, healthier life full of vitality?  I know I do and after reading the 20 year study, I’ve become so much more aware !

MELALEUCA The Wellness Company is a very simple yet very powerful philosophy to individuals who have the belief of  enhancing their lives by reaching their goals.  

Thanks to its complete line of unparalleled wellness products–more than 450 in all, Meleleuca can help you improve your nutrition and overall health. It’s unwavering commitment to put only the best of both science and nature into everything it makes is exactly the solution you need to live the vibrant life you’ve always wanted. 

Do you want the world around you to be cleaner, safer place for you and your family? We are passionate about protecting the environment and refusing  to use bleach, ammonia and other caustic chemicals in its cleaning products. Instead, it uses non-toxic ingredients that are safer for your home. And thanks to its super concentrated  formulas with no unnecessary fillers, there’s a lot LESS waste of water, plastic and fuel. All this results in exceptional products that get the job done without harming Mother Earth and the people you love.


The Difference


Are you trying to get out of debt and secure your financial future? Well,, because it’s a different kind of company, this company can help. It is the world’s First Consumer Direct Marketing Company, allowing you to participate in revenue sharing. Instead of partnering with advertisers and retail distributors, Mela partners with You.  When you refer new customers, you get a commission each and everytime they shop. Thay means, you can build a LASTING residual income just by sharing Melaleuca with others.  To date, this company has paid more than $3.6 billion in referral commissions to people just like you.


Perhaps your looking for balance and peace of mind in your personal and family life. Melaleuca allows you to live life to the fullest—to have the time, health, and resources to experience  the meaningful moments in life.

All of these ideals—– physical, environmental, financial, and personal wellness–together embrace the concept of total wellness. That’s why, in 30 years, this company has developed from a small startup in rural Idaho into a billion dollar company operating in 17 countries around the world. More than a million  people purchase Melaleuca’s affordable, consumable products every month.

It’s no wonder that we are changing the world—and helping people achieve total wellness–one customer at a time!


If I have piqued an interest , please contact me to chat!  I will be digging deep into the products  and sharing my stories with many of the products I have transitioned over to.  I realize now, I won’t be going back to national brand cleaning products. 

Till the next time, stay well!















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